When Less is More...

  • A flat €3.50 per reservation transaction fee
  • Up to 4 rooms in a single reservation
  • No annual charges, No hosting Fees, No commission
  • Credit Card Validation & PayPal Payment processing
  • Supports 8 languages and 10 currencies
  • SMS, Fax and E-Mail Reservation Notifications
  • Free Facebook Application included

Reservations directly from your website

  BookMyRoom.eu™ is the new online reservation system that is revolutionizing the hospitality industry.  Unlike booking engines that charge up to 20% commission or expensive software add-ons, BookMyRoom.eu™ directly and inexpensively integrates into your website and offers your guests the ability to reserve up to four different room types for a single €3.50 transaction fee.
   BookMyRoom.eu™ offers support for eight languages, 10 currencies (exchange rates are updated hourly) and, as a means of bolstering any loyalty programs you may already have in place, offers promotional code support which gives additional discounts to travel agencies or returning guests.  BookMyRoom.eu™ also integrates with PayPal and AuthorizeNet.  
   BookMyRoom.eu™ doesn’t just promise a turnkey solution, we deliver a complete, secure online solution suitable for any size accommodation with a website.